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3 Awesome Museums for a Great Day Out

Visiting a museum is a great way to spend a day and we our minibus with drivers are often employed taking parties all over the country to visit a variety of museums. If you are looking for ideas for a great day out then we thought we would share with you some of our favourite museums.

1. British Museum
Location: London
This is a huge museum, with over three million artefacts, and you will be unlikely to see everything inside it in a single day. Even the entrance to the building is on a large scale. The imposing columns tower over you as you enter the building and you know that you are in for a real treat.

The museum contains an array of delights that are too numerous to mention but one must see item is Hoa Hakananai’a, a statue from Easter Island. If you are alone in the room with him (and yes I realise I referred to a statue as “him”) you can feel a presence as he gazes down at you.


Other highlights that can currently be seen include Ancient Lives (Ends April19 2015), eight mummies and their stories and The Meroe Head of Augustus.

2. National Museum of Flight
Location: East Fortune, Scotland
The National Museum of Flight is located at East Fortune airport in buildings that date back to the Second World War when they were built for the RAF. The hangars are now used to display many of the aircraft that the museum houses.

The aircraft on display include Percy Pitcher’s Hawk glider that dates back to 1897. There are also models of The Wright Brother’s Model A aircraft. There are also many iconic British aircraft including a Spitfire, Lightning and Harrier fighters.
Perhaps the most interesting exhibit is The Concorde Experience. To this date Concorde is still the only commercial aircraft to have flown at twice the speed of sound. In addition to be able to board the aircraft there is a fascinating exhibition about the history of supersonic flight.

3. St Fagans National History Museum
Location: St Fagans, Wales
This open air museum is close to Cardiff and is set in the grounds of St Fagans castle (the “castle” is actually an Elizabethan manor house). The museum is made up of over 40 buildings that have been rebuilt in situ but are from various parts of Wales and are fine examples of various types of Welsh architecture. Inside each building you get a glimpse into the past as each is fully furnished in a style appropriate to the period.
Among the buildings are a variety of houses, a school, a farm, a chapel and a number of workshops. The craftsmen and artisans in the workshops, such as the blacksmith and potter, give regular demonstrations of their skills.

As well as the living museum you also have access to the Elizabethan manor house and its extensive gardens.
We hope that wherever you visit that you have a fabulous time and remember if you do need to hire a minibus and driver then do call 0845 200 3005 for a free quote on your minibus hire requirements.

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