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  1. 8 Top Tips on How to Save Money on Travel Essentials

    Summer is fast approaching, and if you’ve booked your summer holiday, check out our 8 top tips on how to save money on all those travel essentials, from minibus airport transfers to getting the best currency rates.

    There’s much more to a summer holiday than the flights and hotel, although travel agents would love to make it appear that simple, so it seems. There is a myriad of additional costs and tasks that hike up both the cost and stress levels associated with your holiday. Which is where we come in, simply follow these 8 tips and let us help you save money and stress on your Summer holiday.

    1. Airport transfers:

    The most important travel essential is Airport transfer. So, you know how you’re getting to your final destination, but do you know how you’re going to get yourself to and from the airport? Actua Transport is an industry leading minibus and coach hire specialist, whose expertise lie in airport transfers. Whatever your travel needs, we will collect you, your party and your luggage and take you to the airport terminal forecourt without fuss or hassle and in plenty of time! Unlike other taxi firms, we provide cost effective airport transfers, which means you won’t see us hiking the price of your airport transfer up over the summer holidays.

    2. Currency:

    “Should I buy early, or wait until I am about to leave?” When buying your holiday currency, you’re always better off buying outside of the airport, as they charge a significantly higher commission rate due to their captive audience. When considering the best route to take when purchasing holiday spending money there are a number of different options, such as picking a debit or credit card that can be used abroad, or you could consider taking out a pre-paid currency card. The Money Saving Expert has your back in this case, as they have a dedicated comparison website to help you find the best exchange rates.

    3. Do the right checks:

    Make sure you have conducted all the right checks, that means checking the name on your passport matches the name on your boarding pass. If it doesn’t you need to call your airline as soon as you can in order to get this rectified before your flight (this may incur a cost – check with your airline)

    4. Passport:

    There are an increasing number of countries which require at least six months’ validity on your passport, so make sure you have checked that your passport is within date ahead of your departure date. If you end up leaving this too late, a last-minute passport renewal will cost you £128!

    5. Luggage:

    Always weigh your luggage ahead of time to avoid excess baggage charges at the airport. Airlines have zero leniency when it comes to luggage limitations, and if you’re over your allotted weight allowance you’re going to face some hefty fines. Either that or you’re going to have to throw some of your items away.

    6. Airport Parking:

    Airport parking can seem like a good idea ahead of time, and if you book it well in advance you may be one of the lucky ones who get a good deal on their airport parking costs. However, you could just as easily be that person who finds themselves paying anywhere up to £45 per day to keep your car parked in the airport car park while you’re away. Take the added stress of driving to and from the airport, not to mention the costs, away, and book your airport transfers with Actua Transport. Our punctual and professional drivers will drop you off, right at the terminal forecourt, and help you to unload your bags. We track your return flight, so if there is a delay, we know about it, which means your driver will be at the terminal forecourt waiting for you when you land back.

    7. Travel Insurance:

    Make sure you take out travel insurance as soon as your holiday is booked. Travel insurance doesn’t just cover you for medical emergencies, (like the European Health Insurance Card – EHIC), it also covers you for cancelled flights, lost luggage, stolen goods and much more – you can find out more about travel insurance here

    The EHIC is another matter, this ensures you are able to obtain the same level of medical care in all European countries including Switzerland, all 27 members of the European Union plus Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein. Which basically means you’ll be provided with free medical care, and if not free at a considerably reduced cost. You can order you EHIC here. EHIC are valid for up to five years.

    8. Mobile data:

    As of Thursday 15th June, EU data roaming charges have been scrapped. But be aware, you could still be hit with unexpected costs. New EU regulations mean, anyone travelling to an EU member country will be able to use their data roaming at the same price as they would at home. But, and here’s the big but, if you exceed your contracted allowances you WILL be charged. All mobile providers have different rules laid out in regards to this, so check with your provider before you leave about the costs associated with going over your bundle allowance while in another EU country.

    So, there it is, if you’re planning a Summer getaway we hope these tips have been useful, and don’t forget, it’s never too late to book your airport transfer with Actua Transport, we will never hike the price up, even for last minute bookings. Call the team on 0800 0355 342

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